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Snappys 2012 - Category #26 MOST UNUSUAL







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6 points

I'm gonna say me just in case that account graphic thing doesn't win.

I really want a free shirt. I feel like the college hipsters would be all like "yo, createdebate, what's dat" and I'll be all like "bitches, i'm a winner."

My argument?

Idk, I feel like I'm unusual. good enough.

3 points

Apparently you can't nominate yourself (thanks Prayerfails), so I just want to make sure that ThePyg is nominated. The graphic alone deserves the award tbh, but even his debating can be very unusual at times, interesting perspectives though.

1 point

thanks yo


1 point

I think I am fairly unusual. I have an interest in being unusual, in fact.

Plus, I would love to win a CreateDebate t-shirt.

I am unusual
1 point

As well as this, I played Herod in a stage production of Jesus Christ Superstar when I was 12. In the same year, I played Shylock, an old, Jewish man in Shakespeare's: A Merchant of Venice. I will never forget looking out upon the faces of my school and saying: "I am a Jew!"

Since there is no nominating of one's self for CD Awards, I will nominate EdudModnar as the Most Unusual because he just wants to have a CD t-shirt.

1 point

EdudModnar is the most unusual person. He has only been on the site a few days but it feels like a lot more than that. Because of him I have seen annoying videos of a fat guy dancing, a slice of toast walking down the road, etc., etc.

I think he has a claim to: most annoying, most unusual, and 'troll'.

EdudModnar, don't take any of this as a compliment.

i know this probably wont be too much of a good argument, but it could, im unusual cuz even tho im a 12 year old, i can act so much more mature, then sometimes i still act even younger than my age because sometimes i feel like goin to Chuck E. Cheeses! WT........