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So your post is three nominations...


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70% of my arguments are absolute smack downs.

Just ask the brave souls whom have challenged anything I've said.

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I can dig it.

I have a white createdebate shirt, so a black/orange would be cool.

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tooting my own horn here, but I feel like i've defended gun rights quite awesomely this past year.

And not typical gun rights arguments, neither. I'm talking full on legalization and deregulation of guns.

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I'd say PrayerFails is the most consistent.

Every argument he's made for the past few years have been in accordance with his beliefs.

I've challenged him a little bit on some moral or logical hiccups, but compared to everyone else I'd say he's kept it pretty constant.

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All i can say is 'cool beans.'


Supporting Evidence: Cool Beans (
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There's a lot of winners.

However, I don't know what DDO means...

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Well, I don't like the font for the second one. Either way, I don't really mind.

But i prefer this one.

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I'd suggest orange letters and blue shirt.


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Me. I am the most scientific.


Idk. But I do study a science. And I tend to focus on the scientific angle.

so yeah.

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thanks yo


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I'm gonna say me just in case that account graphic thing doesn't win.

I really want a free shirt. I feel like the college hipsters would be all like "yo, createdebate, what's dat" and I'll be all like "bitches, i'm a winner."

My argument?

Idk, I feel like I'm unusual. good enough.

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I want a free shirt 8l


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Gary is not a neo-liberal, and his economic views are sort of up in the air.

He is anti-west, which isn't a neo-liberal thing to do. While the liberals like to bitch about what the West does and show sympathy towards terrorists, to be as anti-west as Gary is to go beyond the safe viewpoints of neo-libs.

You represent the average neo-liberal. You believe in major regulation, you support a large public sector, you believe that the confederate flag is waved by racists, you most likely support gun control, you are more politically correct than someone like... me.

I'd say that Obama is more Conservative than you are, considering that he signed in the ability to indefinitely detain any American Citizen without trial and that he has started another war without congressional approval, has deported more illegal immigrants than any other president and has closed down more medical marijuana clinics than any other president.

So you are much more Liberal than our current president, and you are the best example of a neo-liberal on this site.

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JakeJ recently came back, so I'd vote him. Even though he's leaning libertarian, the guy's still a conservative.

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Gary and I had a debate that went on for pages.

So that one.

really, it just got insane with how much we tried to defend our positions.

I think it's still going. this shit just takes time.

On animal abuse.

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It got changed to some random rainbow flag for a second.

luckily, i intercepted that shit.

8 points

Liber, fuck you all.

Here's why:

Reventon, the other very philosophical person on this site, stole his arguments from philosophers... basically a bunch of tl;dr of something that someone else had written. He wrote what they said and refused to explain how it applied to the current argument. It was an assumption that because a philosopher said something that supports what he believes in. i've debated with him twice. While the first time we found that our arguments were based on misunderstanding, his entire argument was just the argument of another with little room for expansion. His second argument was a complete assumption that Kant was right, and that's it. He supported what he said because Kant already said something similar.

Liber, on the other hand, shows a progression in his philosophy. He doesn't rely on the arguments of others to make his decisions. His views seem legitimate. Maybe the quarreling of a lost young adult, but the questioning of right and wrong, morality and any laws to force us to live by a certain code is exactly the type of thing that shows that he's actually willing to say "maybe i should just let go of all my constraints."

I don't know much about his life, but he seems to reflect the mindset of an original philosopher, while Reventon reflects the mindset of other philosophers.

So whether we can agree with anything that Liber has said, I'd give him my vote just because he seems like one of the few.

Gary is another one, but I disagree with him for the most part. If I had to choose between Gary and Liber, Liber all the way.

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